Saturday, January 17, 2009

Keyword Game

This is an idea found on sugardoodle that I plan to use with my Jr's tomorrow.

preparation: Print out or draw, many images of a key. I found a clipart one, copy and pasted it to word, and adjusted it to the size I wanted. Cut them out and LAMINATE, so you can use them again. Write, with a dry-erase marker, key words to a song. I am only doing the verse we are working on.

Put into action: Ask a child to leave the room. Invite another child to draw out a key word. (I'll place a sandwhich bag with the keys inside, in a hat.) Have the child tell the rest of the primary what the word is. For example, "Father". Invite the other child back into the primary room and to come up to the front. They can put on the hat if they want. Have the primary sing the song/verse but leave out the "keyword". The child with the hat will try to guess which word is the keyword.

Because it's JR primary, and many of them may not understand the concept or have the ability to leave out the word, I'll have a stop sign on a stick, that I'll hold up for the "hat child" on the keyword, then put down again, so they'll know which word we were supposed to leave out. :)


  1. Thank you for all your great ideas! They are so easy to incorporate, especially for someone new. Would it be possible to post or send the key clip art. That's an area I'm sorely lacking and haven't found anything online that I like.


  2. I didn't ever receive an email so I can add on as a contributer - so that's why I haven't posted anything yet. I have a great idea - which really is an old idea - but it worked so great - I had stop and go signs that I had two primary children hold and the other kids had to watch for if they should sing or stop singing - I was so amazed at how well they payed attention, how well they already know this months song, and how many times they sang the song, usually they would have been bored if I asked them to sing the song 6 times in a row, but today they were begging for more - they even asked if we could do this again next week - yea! stop and go signs.

    I like the key idea - that is definitely one I will try.

    My email again is