Sunday, January 11, 2009

cut up word strips


Print out words to a verse in large font, including correct punctuation. Then, cut into little word strips, containing 1, 2, or 3 words. Finally, place in a sandwhich bag. Make enough of these so that 2-3 children have one bag.

Senior primary

Put into Action:
I did this without even going over the verse once with the kids. I breifly gave them instructions that in each bag were words to the verse we would be learning. They were to assemble the wordstrips in order, while I sang the verse. I did not even mention anything about "finishing first". They were motivated enough!

Then I sang. And sang, and SANG! I wouldn't be suprised if I sang it 20 times! The room was silent as all 32 children worked hard to put the verse together. Once, I stopped to get a drink of water, and I heard cries of "sing it again! Sing it again!". My primary presidency was nice enough to come up and sing it with me. As they finished, I told them to sing along with me. By the end, I quized them with the "question poster". (See "teaching" on the side bar for a link to this post)

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  1. that is a great idea - I wonder if it would work for little kids too - we have combined jr and sr primary - so I have to think of ideas that work for all ages (readers and non readers).