Sunday, January 31, 2010

January week 5: Game

I wanted desperately to get this posted before today, but it just didn't happen. However, I am SO happy to report from personal experience, that this worked AWESOME for our primary!

I have the entire primary time for singing time on 5th Sundays, so I took the opportunity to play a game with the kids.


I got the idea from the primary music group on yahoo groups. (If you are not a member, SIGN UP!) There are some awesome ideas and helps! Thanks Angie Rhodes, for the awesome ideas and questions! (I don't know if you check this blog or not, but I wanted to make sure I give you the credit for this great idea!)

I probably put in way too much time on this, but I love how it turned out. You could just draw one out on the chalk board when you get to church, and keep it simple. The kids will still have fun!

I printed off three footballs from the internet onto card stock. One ball was used for the 1st verse, another for the chorus, and the third for the 2nd verse.

On the back of each football, I wrote a "Wiggle song". (see examples below)

To play, I first chose someone to come pick our game ball, and set it on the 20 yard line. 

Then we sang through the verse/chorus, and I told them to pay special attention to the words. Then I asked them some questions (posted below). If they answered correctly, which of course they did, I would move the ball to the next yard line...or so. I tried to move the ball so that by the time they answered the last question, they would make a touch down.

We had fun raising both our arms in the air to say "GOAL!" when we made it. 

After every 3 or 4 questions, we would sing through the verse, to keep it "fresh" in our minds. 

The wiggle songs I chose, were to really give them a break and get up and m.o.v.e!

 Here's what we did:

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes:  We all stood up, and did the actions, like normal. The next time through, we stood still except for the last word (nose) and pointed to it, but didn't sing the word. The next time, we added the action to the next to last word (point to mouth) and did not sing it as well.  So every time you sing the song, you add another word to be left off and point to that body part in its place. By the final time through, there will be no singing, and only pointing to the body parts. (Is that completely confusing?!) Sorry! I actually only tried this with Sr. primary and they loved it. I think Jr.'s would like it too)

Give Said the Little Stream: You can read about how to do this here. This is one of our favorite wiggle songs, and I LOVE to see the concentration on their faces!

Popcorn popping: I got this idea from another blog...but can't remember who. (Ugh, I'm so bad about that! SORRY!) Anyway, the tuba section of the BYU marching band, will sometime play "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree". They only do this when we're winning (I was a member of the band for 3 years while at BYU). When they play, the fans will randomly jump out of their seats, like popcorn popping.  When we do this with the primary, there's not so much singing happening, but they love it and it helps to get the wiggles out! 

Questions used: Again, these are Angie's questions, so I take NO credit for them! I loved the more thought provoking questions such as "What does it mean to "Give My Heart to Him." I was really impressed with the answers that even the sunbeams gave. It was an awesome experience.

**for the fill-in-the-blank questions, I raised a finger for each blank instead of saying "A blank blank blank in a beautiful place. I told them to listen for the missing words. They got it.

Verse 1:
1) A __ __ __ in a beautiful place 
2) Who was gathered 'round Jesus? a) people b) children c) apostles
3) He __ and __ as they felt of His love.
4) Each saw the (what) on His face? a) lines b) beard c) tears
5) The __ that He __ for His __ ones
6) I know He feels for (who)? a) me b) you c) us
7) I did not __ __ or __ on His __
__, Jesus is real to me.
8) What scripture story could the first verse be talking about?
9) How can Jesus be real to you if you didn't see him in person?
When they are done answering these questions, they should have made a touch-down and are now ready to take a break and do the wiggle song listed on the back of the ball. A NEW game-ball is chosen and placed on the 20 yard line. 

1) I know He (what)? a) gives b) loves c) lives
2) I will follow __
3) __ __ I give to Him
4) I know that (who) loves me? a) Heavenly Father b) my Savior c) my
mommy (I emphasized that although all three of these individuals love us, the answer is the one sung about in 
the song)
5) What does "My heart I give to Him" mean?
6) When we sing about something we know, it is the same as what?
(bearing testimony)

Verse 2:
1) Now __ __ __ in a beautiful place
2) (what) the teachings of Jesus? a) teaching b) hearing c) learning
3) Parents and teachers will __ __ the __
4) (what) my path every day? a) lighting b) righting c) fighting
5) __ in the __ of my Savior's love
6) I feel His (what) touch. a) tender b) gentle c) loving
7) __ each day, I will __ His way
8) Home to my (what) above. a) Father b) Savior c) heaven
9) Living __ __, I will follow __ __
10) How do parents and teachers help guide the way?
11) We sing "Living each day I will follow His way." How does that lead us  "home to [our] Father above?"

Friday, January 22, 2010

January week 4: Testing

So, this week, we're supposed to be "testing" on the song, but since there are 5 weeks, and I'll have the entire singing/sharing time next week, I'm doing one more reinforcement-type week.

And actually, we didn't have much time to cut off all the ribbons to the box last week, so I'll be finishing up with that. They were really anxious to see what was in the box, and kept glancing at the clock, worried that we wouldn't have enough time, which is what happened. But they were working so hard, so I'm bringing it back this week so we can get to open the box.

However, my plan next week is to use the mystery word  poster. For both groups, we will cover up the words, but I'll try to use the younger kids (non-readers) in Junior to come up and cover up the words, to try to keep them engaged while the older kids can focus on the missing word.

Sorry this is such a lame post, but I hope it might help somehow!

I'll try to post my flipchart for He Sent His Son this week.

No promsises though...I've just discovered an exciting blog that teaches you how to build pottery-barn style furniture for CHEAP. :) I know, totally not related, but I've got my pieces to start building, and I can't wait! :)  The blog is Knock Off Wood . I have never built anything before, not even held a drill! So, this will be an experience! 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

January week 3: Reinforcement

I'm SO sorry that I'm getting this out the day before Sunday, but we had a death in the family. Yes, our pet hampster of 2 years, passed away. It's been a little emotional over here, and I just wasn't able to get to this until now.

I found this idea, somewhere...  I'm pretty sure it was on a fellow chorister's blog, but I swear I went through every archive and could not find it. So, to whomever's idea this is, THANK YOU.  Please let me know so I can give you credit!

Anyway, here's the plan:

You take a box (I used a shoe box), place a reward inside (I used Smarties') and wrap it up. Then you attach a bunch of tags with ribbons. The orginal idea [insert name of person who deserves much credit here} was to put the names of all the program songs on the tags, and as the kids mastered each song, they would cut off a tag, getting them closer to finding out what is inside the gift.

I'm modifying this idea just a little, to use it for just ONE song. I placed a phrase or two of January's song "I know my Savior Loves Me" on each gift tag. There are 9 tags total. Here are the linkgs to the tag PDF and WORD Document.  files.

I'm going to start with the Chorus, (all on one tag). We'll work on singing it until we've mastered it. This means, no visuals, and no singing help from me. Once they've got it, I'll call a child up to cut the ribbon with the corresponding tag.

 We will work through the song backwards, starting with the last phrase of the second verse FIRST. That way, we can just add on, singing to the end, and not have to stop the song in awkward places.

I'm not sure if we'll finish in one Sunday, (probably not), so we'll finish the next week if we need to.

We have split Senior and Junior singing time, so I have already pre-cut the ribbon for the Senior Primary, and will just use the same tags.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January week 2: Repetition!

So, last week, we introduced the song, and sang it through once or twice.

This week's goal is just to repeat like crazy, but not let them get bored.

For my repeat week, I desperately tried to come up with an original idea, but let's face it, I'm just not that creative. :) so, I'm adapting an idea from Sofia's primary ideas.

The idea is to get some smaller, white dry-erase boards. She mentioned you could get them at Target or the dollar store. I couldn't find them at either, so forked out a few more bucks at wal-mart. I have plans to use them for other things, so I'm considering it an "investment." :) Of course, you can always use just the chalkboard. The erase-boards are nice because of A) color, and B) That the rest of the primary can't really see what is being drawn until it is time for the reveal! (I think I've watched too many reality shows...)

Bascially, it's a game of pictionary. :)

For Junior primary: We'll review the song once, and then I'll call up two children to come and illustrate something that shows that Heavenly Father Loves them. (i.e. families, nature, gospel, etc.) (I'll have a jar of paper strips if they need an "idea"

While they are "illustrating" we will sing through one verse of the song with the chorus. We'll alternate verses, to make sure they get practice singing.  When we are done singing, it is time for them to be done coloring, and to show their picture to the primary, where we (the primary) will then guess what their picture is of.

I plan on using the popsicle stick idea to help me pick my helpers, but The Crazy Chorister has some great ideas on other helper-picker methods.

I'm hoping that with the 20 minute allotment for singing time, all of the children will get a turn. We have about 30-40 in Jr and 20-30 in Sr.

for Senior: I'm trying to make it a little bit harder, and so they have to pay attention to the song more. They will be asked to illustrate a line of the song while we sing a verse, and then we'll have to guess which line they drew.

 I'll have a jar with the following lines written on separate strips of paper, so they don't take too long trying to pick out a phrase: click HERE for the word file, or PDF file, so all you have to do is cut up the strips and stick them in a jar.  

Since two children will be drawing at one time (each on separate boards) I'm going to have them illustrate the same idea. It will be fun to see the different interpretations!

Once all of the papers have been drawn, we'll stick them all back in again until we run out of time.

Here are the phrases for the wordstrips...

A long time ago in a beautiful place
children were gathered 'round Jesus
Parents and teachers will help guide the way
Lighting my path everyday
I did not touch him or sit on his knee
Now I am here in a beautiful place, learning the teachings of Jesus
Wrapped in the arms of my Savior's love, I feel is gentle touch
My heart I give to him
Each saw the tears on his face
I will follow faithfully
home to my Father above
I know that my savior loves me