Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hello! Hello! (CS 260)

This is an idea I got from somewhere...

I printed out several flags from different countries, then wrote how that country says "hello" in their language. I stuck them on sticks, to resemble actual flags. Then, when we have visitors, a visitor picks a flag, and we sing the Hello song in that language. Some become a mouthful because of the multiple syllables, but the kids still love the challenge.

Here are a few we've done:

Italy, "ciao" (chow)
Greece, "Yia Sou" (yah-soo)
Germany, "Guten Tag" (gooten-taag)
Hawaii, "Aloha"
Franch, "Bonjour"
China, "Ni Hao" (knee-how)
Spain, "Hola"

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