Sunday, January 11, 2009

Singing Dice

I made these blocks from 8x8 boxes I got at a mail & packing store, for about $1 each. I covered the sides with card stock paper in different colors. Then, I put contact paper over that, with clea packing tape on the edges to seal it. Now, I can use them for practically anything! You just tape on whatever you want, and take it off when you're done.

Today I put the different verses on one. Each side was labeled either Verse 1 or Verse 2. (You can use as many verses as you want..well, up to 6 that is...)

on the other box, I labeled each side with a different way to sing the song. These include:
Girls Sing
Boys sing
Stand up
Eyes Closed
Stand on one foot
March in place
Sing standing backwards
Clap Pattern (You can make these up, but today I did a 3/4 pattern. Slap the knees on beat one, then clap twice for beats 2 and 3)

There are more than 6 ideas, so I can change them out and add new ones, thanks to the laminated box.

You can also put dots on each side, to resemble a giant dice.

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