Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Give Said the Little Stream

I got this idea off of Julie's singing time blog. Thanks Julie!

This has been a favorite "wiggle" song for our primary.

Starting from a sitting position, tell the kids to stand up and sit down, evertime they hear the word "Give".

The next time, stand up and sit down on the word "Give", but also clap on any word that starts with the letter "S".

The third time through, stand up and sit down on every word that begins with "G" and clap on the words that begin with "S".

You'll most likely sing a solo as the kids are concentrating so hard...or just following your moves. And watch out, your quad's might be sore the next day! :)


  1. I have done something similar, but you clap on any word that begins with a "G" and when you come to an "S" word, if you are sitting you stand, and if you are standing you sit. I think it flows better.

  2. I'm trying to build up my chorister contacts. I found you on primusic. Thank you so much for sharing these great ideas. I've been surfing through your other links and they are great too. I did notice that Julies Singing Time is a private blog. Is there a chance you could ask her to invite me? Have her check out my blog to make sure I'm not creepy. :) but I'd love to be able to learn from everyone I can. (I'm a little isolated here in Wisconsin)
    Blog- jasonteryn.blogspot.com
    E-mail- sunkistmk@gmail.com

  3. Teryn,
    Hmm...Julie must have just changed it to private, since it was open yesterday. I don't know her personally or even have her e-mail, so I guess we're both out of luck. HOpefully she'll open it back up again, as she had a lot of great ideas!