Sunday, August 29, 2010

Please Excuse My Mess

I'm trying to clean up the blog so it is easier to use, but I'm not very good with computers. Please bare with me as I figure this out!

Quick review idea

HELLO! (...hello... hello... hello...) Anybody there? (...there...there...there...)

Once again...I find myself appologizing for the lack of posts. With vacations, and school starting, I've been trying to find the "balance" between all things. Isn't that what I said last time too? Has anyone ever figured out "the balance"? We're getting closer, and I've neglected you long enough...

So, the next few posts will be about review ideas. My program is not until Halloween, but I know some of yours' are coming up in the next few weeks, if you haven't had it already.

I did this idea with my kids last week (this week was Stake Conference). I'm trying to isolate some of the songs that are starting to be "forgotten" and need some review of the words.

We took the song "I know that My savior loves Me," to work on.

I placed the visuals randomly around the room, on the wall, on chairs, the piano, etc. All places where the children could see them. I told them the visuals to our song were scattered around the room, and I needed help getting them back in order. I told them to look at the pictures while I sang the song, and see if they could find the right pictures to the words. After singing it once, we went through the song, phrase by phrase, as they brought up the correct pictures. We reviewed each one as many times as needed for them to get it. By the end, they had it down again.

Hand out the visuals to the kids, randomly. Then, ask them to come and put themselves in the right order, before you and the primary finish singing the song. Challenge them to get faster and faster each time.