Monday, September 20, 2010

Fill-in-the-blank game

Lame title, I know.  Let me know if you can think of something else to call this...

So, the songs have hopefully all been taught, and now we just need to polish up and review all the songs from the year. 

This is a quick-prep activity that you can use on many songs, or just one song. 
We chose to work on just one song.

When the piano stops playing, fill in the words. 

1)  Have two players come up to the front of the room.

2)  Roll the dice to find out how many words the kids will need to remember, after the pianis t stops playing.  (For example, I rolled a 5)

3) Start singing the song, and the pianist will pick a spot to stop playing. 

4) Starting with the next word, the kids will need to fill in the next words. Since we rolled a   five, the kids will need to write in the next five words. I love my dry-erase boards for this, but you could also use the chalkboard, or a regular piece of paper.

5) This is NOT a race game, so if BOTH kids get it correct, both teams get a point.

6) In between "rounds," we sang through the whole song/verse. While we were singing, I'd walk around and pick the next two players, and motion them to come up to the front. I like this game, because there is really little "down time" and the kids need to concentrate on the exact words.

7) The "winning team" got to listen to a personal performance of the song/verse, by the losing team. :)

Some primaries may not be able to "handle" competition games, and be so concerned about the losing/winning that reverence becomes an issue. I have a great primary who just enjoys playing the game, so we can do these competition games.

I think this is appropriate for SR primary only, since writing words is involved. You could play a similar game with the juniors, by just having them SAY the words.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Didn't get a PDF in your e-mail?

I'm afraid I may have missed several of your requests for files, specifically the motivation chart PDF. 

It's much easier for me to track who I've sent it to, if you e-mail me at

I'm so sorry if I've missed you. It certainly wasn't intentional!

The Singing Lady

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Holy Ghost Flipchart

             So, I know this was a song taught several months ago, but I was planning on reviewing it today with my kids, and realized I didn't have any visuals. I desperately searched for one already made, but I just didn't feel comfortable with the way the Holy Ghost was depicted in many of them.
             I really feel the Junior's do better with visuals, to help them remember the words. So, if you need help with this song, hope this helps!

Word document HERE

(Oops...I just realized I didn't capitalize "He". Hopefully you can just change it with a pen?)

(I realize this picture would go much better with the same line on the second verse "Oh may I always listen, to that still small voice", but I'm only teaching the first verse, and thought it still fits.)