Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crying Mother

 Crying Mother Poster

So, some of you may have seen my cry for help yesterday, in figuring out the "crying mother" poster. 
Thank you for your suggestions!!

Well, here's what I came up with! 


My mom! 
(Isn't she beautiful!?)

Thanks mom for being such a great sport and letting me use you!

Ignoring the disturbing hole in my mom's eye, it looks like she is really crying! 

(I debated wether to put the whole in the tear duct, where tears actually come from, but thought the dark pupil would be less noticeable.)

 So, here's what I used:

  • I enlarged my mom's picture at Costco. It is a 16x20 for $5.99!  (I also debated about their poster-board option, but wasn't sure how sturdy it would be. I asked the lady at Costco to show me an example, and it is NICE stuff. a 16x20 would run you $14.99, but would elminate the need for a foam board, and spray it's almost even.)
  • Elmer's craft bond adhesive spray (Walmart)
  • Krylon finish spray (Walmart)
  • Color aplicator (Sally's Beauty supply $1.89)
  • Foam board (Walmart $2.84)

Here's a close up of the sprays.

**You can see on the first picture, the one that shows the finish project, that it blotchy. You might try another finishing spray, or even the gloss finish instead of the Matte. The finish is to keep the dripping water from destroying the picture and board.

1) Poke hole in eye. (I used my eyelet setter)

2) Spray adhesive to back of picture. Make sure to protect whatever you are spraying on, from the overspray. I just used an old towel.

3) Adhere picture to foam board

4) poke hole in foam board through the eye. (Yes, it's disturbing, but take deep, slow breaths, and you'll get through it...) again, I used my eyelet setter.

5) Spray lots of coats of the finish all over the board, in nice even coats. (Don't follow my example. apparently, I did not do a good job...) I also did a few extra coats on the hole of the eye, and also on the back of the board.

6) I had about 7" extra foam board that I trimmed off, so there was a nice, even border around the picture.

7) I still haven't figured out how to attach the bottle, but this is my plan for Sunday:
Yup! Mega blocks! (Yeah, I spray painted my bottle black, in an effort to be more sneaky with the kids. Totally unnecessary! I built a little tower, propped up the bottle, and when I'm ready, I'll just reach over and squeeze the bottle.  After the surprise has been made (that the mom actually cries), I'll just hold the bottle as I walk around the primary, making my mom cry. I'll post an update if I think of someway to hold the bottle to the poster. 

8) WAHLAH! Have a blast!!! I'm so stinkin' excited for Sunday!


  1. Awesome LOL! I love it! I did this two years ago with my own mom's picture. It was so much fun! I don't dare do it again *yet* because the kids still remember and it won't be much of a surprise. LOVE the blocks! Genius!

  2. So is it when they sing really well, it makes mom cry, and you surprise them with the picture actually crying? Sorry if it's a stupid question :)

  3. Not a stupid question, as I'm not sure when I'll make mom cry myself. I think I'll tell them that my mom MIGHT cry if they sing really well, but I'll really wait until they sing awesome first. Then, I'll probably walk around the room having her "cry" at different individuals as they sing...

  4. So you will be carrying the picture around?? So that she can cry. And do you have her cry in both eyes so I would need to bottles. A little confused on the process.

  5. "No, no-- You can't just use a dropper bottle. You have to use a water gun! I do this with my primary: You stand at the front of the room and tell the kids that if they sing so beautifully, the mother will cry tears of joy. Then stick a hidden water gun through the eye hole (about 1" diameter) and squirt the kids all the way in the back of the room. It's hilarious! Everyone loves it."

  6. I'm not sure where to post this, but here goes. I have noticed that May is a month that we can pick our own song to teach the children. Mother's Day songs are perfect but I am wondering what other songs choristers are teaching this month. We had a regional conference last week so this will be our first week of Primary for May. I am not sure what to teach. Would love to hear from everyone.

  7. Very creative but just one of the creepiest/weirdest things I've ever seen...especially for Primary.

  8. Jim,
    It is a little disturbing...especially when I made it..., but the kids didn't seem to act creeped-out. They laughed and loved it!