Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April: week 1 (introduce)

I really liked the suggestion on how to introduce this song, as outlined in the 2010 outline for Sharing Time, so, that is where my INTRO comes from. I will do the same INTRO for both Junior and Senior, but will change how I go about teaching the song for both groups.
***I plan on reviewing He Sent His son, so that plan is at the bottom of this post***

Ask the kids to stand up if:
  • They have ever belonged on a sports team.
  • Belong to a neighborhood
  • belong to a family.
  • If they belong to a church.
    • Ask them what church they blong to. Show them a blown up picture of the Church Logo.

Tell them that belonging means to be an important part of something. We are all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We belong to Christ’s church.

JUNIOR primary:
(We have a VERY young Junior primary...)

Tell the kids that you brought a friend who also belongs to this church, who wants to teach them a song. Show them a puppet. (It would be awesome if this puppet could wear a missionary-type name tag) Tell them that they will take turns singing: when the puppet sings, it is the children’s turn to listen, and when it is the children’s turn to sing, the puppet will listen.

Have visuals up on blackboard, scattered, and have the kids help put them in the right order.

Procedure: The puppet will sing a sentence of the song, the kids will find the correlating picture, the puppet will re-sing that sentence, then the kids will sing that sentence. (most of the sentences are VERY short, so do a few repetitions for each one) Then, group the sentences into phrases (each color below represents a “phrase”) and sing through that phrase.

I belong to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I know who I am.
I know God’s Plan.
I’ll follow him in Faith.
I believe in the Savior Jesus Christ,
I’ll honor his name!
I’ll do what is right!
I’ll follow his light!
His truth I will proclaim!

When finished, have a volunteer, come point to each picture as the puppet and primary sing through the whole song.

SENIOR Primary:
 Have visuals scattered on board. Start singing, and have the kids put the pictures in the right order, but only one person can put a picture up at a time, then they will  pick someone else to find the next picture. When the pictures are in the right order, talk through the song with them, explaining the importance of each phrase.

Review: He Sent His Son
Invite kids up to hold visuals for the Questions, leaving spaces between each child, for the answers. Post the answer pictures, scattered, up on a blackboard. Ask a question, then have a child go find the matching answer, and stand in the correct spot. Sing through that question and answer, then repeat. When all pictures are in the correct spot, sing through the whole song.


  1. I love your ideas! It is always a great starting point for me as a prepare for my Primary. I often know what I need to do, but don't know exactly how to execute it. The activities are so nice and simple. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for posting the logo! As we sing "I belong to the church of Jesus Christ" I am going to stick a badge on each of the children.

  3. This Sunday will be the first Sunday that we are splitting into junior and senior primary and we have a very young junior with only about 5 -7 kids and I just didn't even have a clue with how to begin teaching this song to them. Thanks so much for your ideas

  4. I do have one question. Do you know what font the church's logo uses?

  5. I love your idea. Instead of a puppet I am bringing in the missionaries and they will help me teach the junior primary the song. They were very excited about it.

  6. Karena! I love your idea to use the missionaries! even more, I love that your missionaries are up for it!

    Kelly, I have NO idea what font the church uses.

  7. Thanks for the ideas, it is very helpful to have a starting point. I really do like your flipcharts. The pictures are just right. I know how hard that can be to get just the right one.