Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April: week 4 (Test)

Hat/Mystery word game
***This is not my original idea. I have no idea the original source, as I have seen it in numerous places...***

Update: I tried this with my junior and Sr. Primary today, and they loved the game....the so much. Only one little girl wore it.  :) I just held up the cards so the primary could see. Thanks to a comment left by Dana, who suggested  taping the card to the kids' heads. That could be fun! Also eliminates concerns about lice. Ack! Thanks Dana!!!

This game is similar to the keyword game.

I have 4x6 index cards, that I have written a key word on. 

In primary, pick one of these cards, or have a child pick a card.

Invite another child to come up and wear the hat. 

Once the hat is on, show the card so everyone BUT the child wearing the hat, can see the word. 

For Juniors: you might have the child go out in the hall, and then tell them what the word is.

Then, sing the song, but do NOT sing the word that is on the hat. At the end of the song, the child wearing the hat tries to guess which word is on the hat.

Hint: Help out your primary by putting your finger to your lips as if to "hush" them when the key word comes up in the song...

My key words for "The church of Jesus Christ" are: Know, Believe, Follow, name, right, light, proclaim, etc...

(this is my son. Isn't he handsome?)


  1. Love this idea! And yes . . . he is VERY handsome!

  2. What a fun and simple idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hmmm. I just had a freakish thought about lice. I might skip the hat and just tape the card to the child's head. Not as fun, but the parents might appreciate it.

  4. What a fun blog you have! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

  5. This idea worked like a charm today - Thanks so much for your creative help!

  6. We did this one today for Singing time, and it was SOOO well received! Thanks for the WONDERFUL idea :) Will definitely be coming back again soon!

  7. Australian research shows lice are not transferred via hats. Hooray!
    Researchers in Queensland examined the heads and hats of over 1000 school children: 7000+ head lice were found on heads, 0 on hats.
    for more info than anyone could possibly want about head lice see

  8. We call this game "Headband Hero" and put a cloth headband around the child's head "nephite" style then slip the index card between the band and their forehead. Always a hit!!