Thursday, April 15, 2010

April: week 2 & 3 (Reinforce)

I'm so excited about this week, because I get to bring back the Magic potion!   It's been over a year since we last did this, and it was SUCH a big hit. I love this idea because we can repeat, repeat, repeat! And even the tiniest juniors can be involved, even though they can't read yet. Besides, how could a science experiment in Primary, NOT be fun?!

Click HERE for a full, detailed description on how this works. I'm just going to give a brief summary below...
1) Write out the words to the song in 4 or 5 different colors on a dry-erase board. 
 (I did this last year to review How Firm a Foundation)

2) Have this prepared before hand: The clear cups contain a mixture of water and vinegar. The teaspoons have a drop of food coloring under a scoop of baking soda.

3) Invite a child to pick a spoon, and stir it in a cup of water. It will start to fiz as they stir. When the fiz goes down, it will reveal a color. 

4) Then, have a child (or several children) come up and erase that color of words. Then, sing through the song.  You could also sing through the song WHILE the kids are erasing the words, to maximize singing time, and minimize waiting time.

5) Repeat this process until all the words have been erased. 

*** If you have separate Jr. and Sr. music times, you'll have to be quick about changing the water/vinegar out and setting up the spoons, and rewriting all the words. 

Last time, I forgot to add the vinegar to the water for Sr. sharing, and there was no fiz!
Totally lame! 

Don't forget the VINEGAR! :)


  1. LOVE this! I'd heard about this color/magic water idea, but didn't know quite how to implement it. This is fabulous!

  2. I'm so excited for this! We had a science fair at school yesterday and so this is perfect timing! Thank you!

  3. Okay so this is ridiculously fun. I just did it in my kitchen about 4 times. I can't wait for tomorrow.

  4. I know this is late, but maybe some other procrastinator (like myself) will be blessed by this. My junior primary has no idea how to read, thus erasing words means nothing to them. I will implement erasing w/ the Sr, but w/ Jr I will have each color represent a different way of singing it. For instance: yellow-slow; green-fast; blue-clap to the rhythm; orange-as happy as can be; red-opera voice; etc...(if you want to be really ambitious and create lots of colors). Good luck and thanks for the great reminder about this fun activity!

  5. We did this activity today and it was FABULOUS! I know the Jr. couldn't read the words - but they still loved erasing the right color. Thank you so much for the great ideas - I really appreciate it!

  6. I did this activity yesterday and it was a smash hit! Thanks for all the great ideas...I think I would die without you!

  7. this was such a hit! Thanks for the last minute idea! I was stuck on how to do a review week with a song they knew really well! the kids loved it! In the jr primary some couldn't read the words but where so excited to sing loud to see what color was going to be next! thanks!

  8. This was so much fun! I used this activity to learn a song. The repetition helped them learn it so fast.
    I experimented with amounts to get the ideal fizzing/overflow. I wonder if having the vinegar exposed for a while lessens its potency or something because it wasn't near as fizzy as I'd planned.
    I'll definitely do this again. thank you so much!