Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New year's resolution (s?)

I love New Year's because of "resolutions" I make. I know I won't end up following through with most of them (how pathetic is that to admit?), but I love how it motivates me to TRY and be a better person. :)

So, I'd like to share three of my resolutions with you:

Number 1:  Have regular posts on this blog. IDEALY, I'd like to plan out a whole month at a time. I will basically be posting my lesson plan and ideas for each Sunday. Mainly this is for a selfish purpose: to help me plan ahead so I'm not fumbling around Saturday night trying to come up with something to do in the morning. However, I do hope you find something YOU can use in your primary. This blog used to have several authors, but they have now all been released, and it is only me now. If any of you want to contribute, LET ME KNOW! :)

I will probably use a lot of the same ideas as last year, since it has been a year since the kids have seen them, and why stress out about always trying to come up with something new?

Number 2: And because I like to contradict myself (just ask hubby) I'd also like to try to come up with more original (aka, ideas from my OWN brain) ideas. I may not post many, but It's not very helpful to go from blog to blog and find the same idea reposted (okay, so I'm mainly the one found guilty of this...hence the resolution to be better....)

Number 3: Help you guys out with "flipcharts". I seem to get a lot of requests for the ones I made, so I'll try to find a more efficient way of getting them to you, instead of you having to leave an e-mail. (Although it was really fun to see how many of you wanted them!)

So, to start, I decided I needed to get organized. When I was called as chorister, I inherited a box full of "visuals". I went through every envelope to see if the contents were something I would use, and if so, I packaged them up, and labeled them with the song title.

Then I placed them in my box (wasn't trying too hard to find a nice container for them, and this box fit perfectly...) and put them in alphabetically, according to the song's title.

I don't use a lot of poster boards  (I find them a pain to store) and when I do need a "poster" I usually use my dry-eraser board.  I also put in my game and review contents, such as the keywords, puzzle pieces, hit-or-miss game pieces,  mystery word covers, etc.

Inside the song envelopes are anything I used to teach those songs. I use a lot of small visuals that the kids can hold and move around on a chalkboard, and then the 81/2 x 11 pages that I put in my "song book." (see below)

Now my "songbook" is empty and ready to go for the new year. I hope to have my plans ready for Sunday in the next day or two, so check back soon!

As always,

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  1. I loved the envelopes and I'll link your post. I think that every good blogger usually finds out that her/his material have been reposted. It makes me angry sometimes. I have many posters on my blog's files. Here is the link for download:


    They are in Portuguese but if you want you may edit and/or use the pictures/cliparts.

    Additionally, we may take a look on my primary blog: http://primariasudonline.blogspot.com

    Feel free to use anything you need. Hope this helps.

    w/ love