Tuesday, December 29, 2009

January Flip chart: I know My Savior Loves Me

This my first time doing this, so I hope it works, but you should be able to access the word here and the PDF file here   UPDATE: Apparently there is some problem with the WORD file download, but the PDF still works fine. E-mail me at sillysinginglady@gmail.com if you would like the word document. 
Here is a flipchart for January's song: I know My Savior Loves Me. 

Hopefully it will open up in a Word Document and you can alter it as much as you want. If you have problem, just leave your e-mail and I can e-mail you the file.

Most of the clipart came from sugardoodle.net (don't you just LOVE the new format for that site?!) and a few clipart items came from from MSNclipart.

Note: This song is a great one to had your primary children as part of the visuals. (I'll note the pictures that I plan on taking pictures and then inserting them in place of the current picture)
This would be a great one to have one of your primary children holding a picture of Jesus, just as the girl shown is doing. You could do a different child for the second chorus. 
Take a picture of a primary child holding a large cut-out heart.

You could take a picture of your primary here, or even just a class during their class time.
Take a picture of one of your primary teachers with one
 of their primary kids.
 Or, a parent with their child.


  1. You've done a fantastic job, one of the best flip charts I've seen yet. I've let my blog followers know to come here for this. Thank you Thank you for your kindness, hardwork, and sharing.


  2. Oh, you are SO wonderful for posting this. Thank you!

  3. Thanks so much! These are perfect! It is exactly what I would have done if I'd known how! I love the pictures you chose! Thanks from a Primary in Delaware!

  4. This is perfect! I did have some trouble downloading the file...could you please email it to me, if you find sometime? Thank you!

  5. I love the flip chart! could you please email it to me as I had a hard time downloading it. Thanks so much for all your hard work!


  6. Thanks for sharing this, it's great! I had problems downloading the word document. Only a few of the pictures show up and the text is messed up. Could you please e-mail me the file? Thanks! dave_jenmcmullin@hotmail.com

  7. Lovely blog and I will be using your idea for this song. One problem though, the name is "I Know My Savior Loves Me," not "I Know My Savior Lives." It mixed me up!

  8. ACK! Thanks Andrea! Hopefully I fixed all the wrong titles!

  9. Can you please e-mail me the file too? I am technologically challenged and can't figure it out! This is a wonderful flip chart, thank you for doing it.

  10. This flipchart is beautiful. I want to use this instead of the cheesy hand-drawn one I devised. However, I had problems getting the images to transfer with the download. Would you be willing to email it to me? thanks

  11. Thank you so much! I know it's late, 9 pm on Saturday night but I can't seem to get these to print. Can you email the file to me too? I like your pictures so much. They are perfect for my Primary. Thank you.

  12. Love the flip chart it will be also used by a Primary in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada!

  13. I just wanted to say thanks for the flipchart! I used it for both Jr and Sr primary and they did GREAT! For Sr primary, I printed the flipchart with the words and pictures on one side and then JUST the pictures on the the other side. I used them more like "slides" and put them up on the board, with the words and pictures showing. We would work on parts of the song and then I would let the kids decide which segments they knew the best and then would turn that "slide" of the song over so just the picture was showing, but no words! The goal is that by the end of the month, we will just be using the pictures and not the words! I am sure that all you full time choristers out there have much more creative ideas than that, but I am only the back up chorister in my ward, and a man on top of that! (how did I get roped into music in Primary?!?! Just kidding, I LOVE IT!)Anyway, I really just wanted to say thanks again and please please please keep the good ideas coming! I am in desprate need of them!

  14. Below are links to an arrangement our ward is doing of "I Know My Savior Loves Me" in our fall primary program -- includes a violin and cello part:

    Score (original version):

    Score (shorter version):

    MP3 sample (original):

    MP3 sample (shorter):