Saturday, January 17, 2009

Crack the Code

I saw somone from another ward do this, and it really helped me learn the song. I'm going to try it with my Sr. Primary tomorrow.

On a dry-erase board (I got mine from walmart for $9!), write out the first letter of each word to a verse.

In Action:
Each color represents a different verse, but I'm not telling the kids that. The numbers on colored paper on the left, corolate with the correct verse. When I first show the kids the board, these will not be on it. I'm just going to tell them that I have a code that I would like them to solve, and it has to do with the third verse of the song. (In this case, I Lived in Heaven (CS4)). I will sing it once, then ask if anyone knows how to crack the code? If they don't know, I'll sing it again until they do figure it out. (If I have to, I'll tell them that each letter stands for a word of the song). Then I'll ask them which is the line to the first verse. I'll sing the song while they decide. I'll call on a volunteer to place the "1" by the 1st line, etc.

To memorize,
I'll have a giant dice, acutally, this one, but I'll remove the words and put on dots to look like a real dice. I'll call on someone to roll the dice to decide how many letters to erase. That person will erase which ever letters he wants, and then we'll sing the verse, trying to remember what went in the blanks. We'll continue until we have a blank board.

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  1. I used this today with my primary (it has jr & Sr combined) and it worked FANTASTIC! By the end of my singing time (about 12 minutes) they had the verse down! I was surprised with how well it worked for even the little ones who aren't reading yet. I let the littlest ones roll the dice. It was fantastic! Thanks for the idea!