Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mystery poster

Audience: Junior and Senior Primary
Preparation: On posterboard, write out words to a verse of a song. Then, prepare blank strips to cover up specific words. On one side, put a question mark, on the other, write the word it is to cover up, lightly in pencil. Tape the blank strip with the question mark over the word.

Put into Action:
For Junior primary, we reviewed the verse we learned last week. Then, I challenged them to see who really knew the song. We went in order of the words, but when we got to the question strip, I would ask who knew what word should go there. I had the sunbeams take off the strip, to keep them involved. After we uncovered a line, we would sing the entire verse. Then we would uncover more words.

For Senior primary, we did the opposite. I had 3 or 4 children come up at a time and pick up the question strips. They looked at the pencil word, then covered up that word on the poster board. Then we sang the verse, covered up more words, sang again, etc. We didn't cover up all the words, but you could certainly do that!

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  1. Are you accepting more contributers? I am also a primary chorister and would like to share some of the things I try, particularly those that go well and maybe even those that don't and look for feedback of how to make them more successful.
    My email is
    If you aren't looking for more contributors, that's okay, I'll still be checking this blog to see what great things you have posted on it.