Friday, March 5, 2010

Follow the Prophet Flip chart (partial)

Oops. I deleted part of this post. Oh well...

Ahha! I remember what was in that part of the post I deleted! These EXTRA verses come from the June Friend, 2001 issue. And the Monson verse comes from the March 2010 issue. 
 (June, 2001 Friend, Page 46)
These are the verses that I will be doing. You are welcome to them, or you can make your own.
NOTE: Words should say "when HE went to pray", not we. 
I'll try to fix this soon...

Download the PDF here and the WORD document Here


  1. I love the real pictures! Beautiful!

  2. Awesome. I think on Joseph Smith you meant to say "HE went to pray" instead of "WE went to pray" Am I right? Thanks for all the time and effort you put into these ideas. I found some cute footprints at the dollar store a while back and have been looking for a chance to use them. This is going to be perfect!

  3. Dang- I just made my own yesterday:) I am going to do Jonah, Nephi, Joseph Smith, and Monson only since I like the words and the person over the program does not like this song and does not want it to go long. I am thinking I might change the last part of Nephi's verse to say "and a way provide" since I think it will make more sense to the kids and it goes with 1 Nephi 3:7- Thanks!

  4. I am excited for this song. we are going to do Adam, Daniel, Nephi, Joseph smith and monson. I think that is a good mix of all our prophets. I don't know if my young kids will struggle with this activity with the footprints so i am looking for another idea to do with this song and footprints. any ideas? thanks Fort Huachuca AZ

  5. Maybe I'm missing something, but I didn't know there were other verses... where did you find those? Thanks.....

  6. I have the same question as Emily- where did the new verses come from? I really like them, but my presidency likes everything approved from salt lake.

  7. I just found it! Had I read your previous post, I would have known. :) June 2001 Friend. Sorry to cause confusion.

  8. Where did you get the picture of Laban and Nephi I haven't seen that picture before?

  9. Karena,
    I got all my pictures from I believe she gets these pictures from the Friend, New Era, and Ensign magazines.

  10. Love it!! My kids had an issue with the Pres Monson verse-anyone else having a hard time with it? It doesn't seem to be flowing right. any helpful hints?

  11. Yes, whoever wrote the president Monson verse only counted the words, not the syllables (must not have been a musical person), and it does not fit at all! This is how I made it work:

    Heav'nly Father loves us,
    Wants us to return.
    Blesses us with prophets,
    who help us to learn.
    Pres'dent Monson humbly
    Leads God's church today.
    As we heed his words, we’ll
    Walk a righteous way.

    Good luck!

  12. Yes, I found the Monson verse to be worded a little awkwardly, but knew that since it was in the friend, it would have no problems getting "approved."

    I did what Heather did, but added in the word "all" in Who help us all to learn.

  13. The President Monson verse fits if you sing some of the words fast, on a downbeat. I had to clap the rhythm out on my legs to figure it out, but it works. Thank you for your ideas here! They saved my sanity this month in trying to come up with a way to teach this song in an interesting way for my Sr. Primary kids!

  14. fantastic! Thanks for posting the source!

  15. This was my version of the Pres Monson verse:

    Heavn'ly Father loves and wants us to return,
    Blesses us with prophets, they help us to learn,
    Pre-si-dent Monson leads the church today,
    Following his words we choose the righteous way.