Friday, January 22, 2010

January week 4: Testing

So, this week, we're supposed to be "testing" on the song, but since there are 5 weeks, and I'll have the entire singing/sharing time next week, I'm doing one more reinforcement-type week.

And actually, we didn't have much time to cut off all the ribbons to the box last week, so I'll be finishing up with that. They were really anxious to see what was in the box, and kept glancing at the clock, worried that we wouldn't have enough time, which is what happened. But they were working so hard, so I'm bringing it back this week so we can get to open the box.

However, my plan next week is to use the mystery word  poster. For both groups, we will cover up the words, but I'll try to use the younger kids (non-readers) in Junior to come up and cover up the words, to try to keep them engaged while the older kids can focus on the missing word.

Sorry this is such a lame post, but I hope it might help somehow!

I'll try to post my flipchart for He Sent His Son this week.

No promsises though...I've just discovered an exciting blog that teaches you how to build pottery-barn style furniture for CHEAP. :) I know, totally not related, but I've got my pieces to start building, and I can't wait! :)  The blog is Knock Off Wood . I have never built anything before, not even held a drill! So, this will be an experience! 

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  1. I keep coming back to your blog for ideas...thanks again for sharing. I'm getting the supplies together to make a mystery word poster, too.