Saturday, February 14, 2009

Popcorn Popping in Portuguese

We are the first ward in the building this year and have had issues with kids leaving the Primary room right after the closing prayer in the past - kids running out into the parking lot, disturbing classes getting out later, etc. So now we keep all the kids in the Primary room until their parents come. Yep, not always a lot of fun. We're working on ideas to keep their interest and their reverence until we can release them to their parents. Any ideas are welcome!

So far, the one that has worked best (and really only works for certain types of kids, I fear) has been with the impromptu help of a teacher who served his mission in Brazil. He taugh us the word for "popcorn" in Portuguese. It's "pipoca" (pronounced pea-POH-kuh). We then sang Popcorn Popping, changing all the popcorns to pipocas. It was really entertaining.


  1. I really loved the idea!!!!
    I lived in Brazil São Paulo and be happy. Thanks

  2. We used Popcorn Popping as a wiggle song this Sunday in Junior Primary. However, I let them pop out of their chairs randomly, whenever they felt like it as we sang. At BYU football games, sometimes the brass section plays this song during the game and the fans in the stand randomly pop out of their seats. BYU just played against one of their biggest rival teams and won, so I thought it was a good time to introduce the idea. The kids loved it!