Friday, February 6, 2009



· QUICK-DRAW SONG – When the attention is wandering or I just need to bring them back, I tell them we are going to do a “quick draw”. Everyone think of your favorite song. Put both hands on your knees. When I say, “Go!” raise your hand. The first one I see gets to pick the song, “On your mark. Get Set. Go!” This can also be like Pictionary where they draw a picture on the chalkboard of the song they want to sing.

· ROCKET – BLAST FROM THE PAST – (I am so going to do this for 2009!) – To incorporate past songs that the children have learned into weekly singing without always picking the same ones over and over, I am going to make a rocket out of a tall empty cheese ball or Pringles can with a lid. Decorate it to look like a rocket. Put all of the songs from the last several programs and any songs they already know from the book in it. Add the new songs as we learn them. This would also be good for substitutes or to hand over to a new chorister so they will be up on what songs the kids know.

· STAND UP, SIT DOWN – Print the key words to the song out. As you pull out the key words, you stand up and sit down when those words come in the song.

· YOU BE THE CHORISTER TODAY – I walk around and touch the children being most reverent and best examples. They get to lead the music in Primary that day. I’m still up there teaching but they get to lead.

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