Saturday, January 24, 2009

Spaghetti Eddie

Audience: Both Jr & Sr

Preperation: Make a Speghettie Eddie poster. Put a hole in the mouth and string yellow yarn (speghetti). Laminate (I used clear contact paper).
In Action: I talked up my friend "Spaghetti Eddie" for two weeks. I told the kids that he loved music and when kids sing REALLY well, it makes him want to eat spaghetti and he LOVES spaghetti so they needed to learn the song. The second week, Eddie and I had a little talk and he didn't feel like they knew the song well enough for him to come, but he sent me with a coded message to help them better learn a verse that was giving them trouble. They were very motivated to really learn the song and sang their hearts out. Now he will come to church and the better they sing, the faster he'll slurp up his spaghetti. They will try to get him to finish the ENTIRE bowl before the end of singing time. You could incorporate other activities with Eddie (such as Don't Forget the Words or Keywords) at the same time.

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  1. Cute idea!!! Reminds me of our crying mom for Mother's Day. Thank you for sharing your ideas.