Thursday, March 26, 2009

You pick Songs results

Thank you everyone for sharing your songs for the months of April and July. I was finally able to come to a conclusion. I will be doing "I wonder When He Comes Again" for April and "Teach Me to Walk in the Light" for July. It is such a relief to have these chosen!

Just in case you are still agonizing over the decision, here are the results:

Most people are doing "He Sent His son" and "I Feel My Savior's Love" for April and July, but here are the other options:


I wonder When He Comes Again
He Sent his Son
I Feel My Savior's Love
He Did that We Might Live Again
Jesus Once was a little Child
Beautiful Savior


My Family Is of God
Teach Me to Walk in the Light
He Sent His Son
I Feel My Savior's Love
Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam
Where Love Is
A Child's Prayer
Love at Home
The Lord is My Light
Did Jesus Really live Again?

Good Luck!

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  1. Jesus wants me for a sunbeam-
    I chose this because I really wanted a song where our Junior primary could stand out. But I was so surprised when I learned the true spirit of the song- it touched me so! I told them we would be relearning a song they knew- but I always do an intro-
    Sunbeams or Crepuscular rays, rays of sunlight that appear to radiate from a single point in the sky. These rays, which stream through gaps in clouds or between other objects, are columns of sunlit air separated by darker cloud-shadowed regions. The name comes from their frequent occurrences during crepuscular hours (those around dawn and dusk), when the contrasts between light and dark are the most obvious.
    I thought this was so wonderful- to parallel to Christ. The kids Really understood too- we read Matthew 5:16 too. We also talked about the wars in the world, the hard times the grown ups are having with money, and how we will have to CHOOSE and be set apart from others and NOW is when it will be obvious- they really grasped where I was speaking from.

    Then I asked the kids if they even knew the song had a second verse. (nope!) I had them listen to me sing it once- and they joined me at the chorus- then we played a game I used often called "Family Singers" The pulled a Popsicle stick with the fave of a family member- and we sang like them- IE: Grandma (old high shakey voice)
    They knew the second verse within 5 minutes.

    I was so happy that i had chosen that song- and thought I could share.