Sunday, March 8, 2009

Song - the 12 apostles

In preparation for General Conference next month we are helping the kids get familiar with the 12 apostles. I have 8x10 pictures of each of the 12 apostles (we are still including Elder Worthlin, even though he passed away - the song doesn't work as well with only 11). We use the music from "The Books of the Book of Mormon" in the childrens songbook and sing the apostles in order of seniority - Elder Packer down to Elder Christofferson. Each time we sing (this is our 2nd Sunday doing this) I first go through the pictures and say the apostles name and have them repeat and then we try singing slowly with the music.

I first started this with my own children who are 6 and 4 years old and when they would see a picture of an apostle in the Ensign or somewhere, or hear their names mentioned in church they would say, "hey, I know him". I wondered if becoming familiar with the apostles would help kids be a little more interested in conference if they "knew" some of the speakers, instead of them just being "some old guy" ( that was always my thoughts when I was little).
At the least, the primary kids are enjoying learning the song.


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  2. I am wondering what you sing in between the names - there are the chorus type parts in the Book of Mormon song - do you say anything here or keep on through the apostles names?