Monday, March 16, 2009

My Eternal family...revisited.

I mentioned this on my original teaching post of My Eternal Family, but it worked SO well yesterday, I just had to share again.

I didn't try it for Jr. primary, but it worked awesome for Sr. primary.

The first week of March we introduced the song. The second week was stake conference. So this week, I wanted to see how much they remembered. I had my "scattered visuals" on the board, held up with magnets. I told them we would play a game of "tag". I picked a child to start. She was to find the first picture, and then tag someone to find the next picture, etc. The rest of the primary just sang the song over and over with the flip chart until all the pictures were in order. We got through it 7 1/2 times! :)

I told them that was pretty good, since we had only one week to learn it, but I thought we could do much better. Then I called on 4 kids to come up and work as a team to put the visuals in order while the primary sang. They got it done before we finished the song even one time! we did this a few times, and the kids were edging out of their chairs to have a chance to prove how well they knew the song. We obviously couldn't let the ENTIRE primary do it, so I called up two kids to turn over one picture each. When we sang through the song and came to the picture turned over, I DID NOT SING, to see how well they knew it. We turned over 2-3 pictures each round.

They are really learning this song well. It was one of those activities where even the kid-that's-too-cool-for-singing-time was participating. YAY for successful sundays! :)

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