Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mother's day song

This Sunday I will be teaching one of our two mother's day songs.

The following is my lesson plan, but you can do this for any song. Just look at the words, and think of questions you could ask the children that would require them to listen carefully. Then, find visuals to match (or pictures).

The key to learning, is REPETITION. The red words represent when I sing the song alone, and the purple words represent the kids singing with me.

I'm planning on this taking about 10 minutes.

Song: My Mother Dear (pg. 206)

1) Ask the children to listen to the song, as I describe a special person. I will tell them who it is at the end, so listen carefully! (sing song through, then have them sing the last phrase, starting with "A person bright and lovely..." with me a few times.

2)Tell them to listen for some rhyming words in the song. (Night, bright, cheer, dear) Sing the song again. Post these answers up on the board as they are given, and then sing the song again, pointing to the words when you get to them.

3) Have them listen for 3 things that a mother is like, while they pat their  legs to the beat Movement is always a great way to keep their attention through repetition.

4) As you ask for answers, pull the corresponding visual from a bag, and have them sing that phrase a few times.
(Basketball = sunshine...I'm sure you can do better than that, but that's all I could find to represent the sun...., Flowers = flowers in the spring time, blue-birds = happy song of bluebirds, Mirror = A person bright an lovely)

5) Invite children to come and hold visuals while they sing with you through the song. Then, have them find another friend to hold their object, and they take a seat, and you sing it again!

6) Tell them that you will be putting stickers on "super singers" and sing it again another time or two, or until  every child ends up with a sticker. You can do this throughout the entire process, just be sure you tell them what the stickers are for at the beginning.


  1. Thank you thank you! I am always so thankful for ladies like you who post your great singing time ideas.

  2. I have found that sometimes giving a handful or sheet of stickers to the teacher of each class and asking them to look for super singers helps tremendously. Then you can lead and they give them out to each child as they sing out!!