Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hello! I hope you have all had a blast teaching Follow the Prophet!

I appologize for my lack of posts. I decided to take a trip to Utah to visit my family, so things got busy quick, and I just didn't have time to post. I've got several ideas for April's song, so don't give up on me yet!

E-MAIL: If any of you have requested files or flip-charts in the last week or two, and I have not responded, please let me know. You can e-mail me at

Just some ideas for Follow the prophet, if you still need them:

While visiting my brother's ward, I got a few ideas.

The chorister had made prophet puppets out of the large paper grocery sacks, with the eye holes cut out. She'd call on a child to come be the prophet, and wear the mask. When it got to the chorus, the child would do an action and the rest of the primary would "follow" them. The kids were thrilled to be able to just wear the mask!

Today, (since I just got home last night), I plan on bringing out the cubes. One cube will have the names of different prophets, and the other will have the various ways of singing: loud/soft, stop/go, eddie spaghettie, etc.


  1. Hope is everything ok with you. Of course we won't give up on you. You're adorable and we are so grateful for all you do! Thanks with much, much love, Didi.

  2. 幫你推個文~~期待更新!加油啊! ........................................