Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Faith poster

          The song I picked for May, is "Faith". I know MOST of you did NOT pick this song, but I think this idea could work for many songs. This song worked particularly well, because there were 4 main ideas presented. (Please forgive my photography skills. They are very lacking...)

I started by showing them this poster: 

I asked them what Faith is. After I got a few answers, I told them to listen to this song about Faith.

As I sang the song, I used the string behind the poster, to pull up the pictures out of their "boxes"

When I was finished, it looked like this.

Then, I pulled the pictures back down into their "boxes" and asked the kids what was in each "box". I was thrilled with their answers (and listening skills) when they used words and phrases from the song!

Then I called up volunteers to help pull the pictures out of the boxes as we sang the song. I love activities like this, that even the littlest kids can do. 

Here is another poster I helped my mother-in-law make. 

I love the blue!

TIP: use eyelets to help reinforce the holes, so they wouldn't rip
TIP: Put a piece of cardboard on the back of the poster, in between your string holes. This helps to keep the poster board from bending when you pul the string. 

I made my boxes from a 6x6 square of scrapbook paper. Then I scored a line 1/2" inch on three sides, and then another 3/8" of an inch towards the outside of the box.

Cut out the two bottom corners, fold them over each other and glue. 

This is what the "inside" of the box looks like. 

Funny side note:
When I started this blog, my sister was just called as primary chorister.
Then, my Mother-in-law.
Then, my mom 
(well, she's Stake Primary music leader, but ya know...same field..).
Then, My sister got released.
but now...
 my other sister has just been called as primary chorister. 
More ideas!


  1. Ha ha ha. . . anyone close to you better watch out! It seems you tend to rub off on people! Hopefully that little sister of yours can help you with more great ideas!! Keep them coming! i can't believe how many fantastic ideas you share!!

  2. hey- can we (I) get a link to those pics you used? they look perfect!

    annnd maybe ill use this idea for my first ever singing-time. eek!

    let me steal your ideas verbatim for a few weeks till i get a clue, then i'll pitch in with my brilliancy. :P

  3. love it. I did something similar in the fact that I used "Faith is..." and matched them to a picture, but never thought about putting them on a string! Very cute!

  4. Yes please!! Post the links to the pictures!!

  5. I may not be related, but I was just called last week, too!:) haha Yay for PRIMARY!!

    I'm SOOOOO glad you posted this Trisa! Seriously, the chorister that I just took over chose the song Faith...so this is going to work out PERFECT-O! Thank you!!

    I'm sure I'll be visiting this site quite often.;)

  6. Yes, that link would be nice to have...:) Thank you!

  7. This is my favorite site for ideas on singing time. I've been the chorister for 3 years now, and sometimes run out of ideas. I always come here first for inspiration. Thank you for all your hard work, love for your calling, and the motivation to share it with all of us. I'm a HUGE fan!

  8. This is awesome. Do you happen to have clip art for the second verse?

  9. This is perfect. We're doing Faith for our song for July. THANK YOU!

  10. this is an awesome idea! I love it! Do you happen to have a link to those cute pictures? Especially the heart with the CTR in it. Thanks for sharing, cutest poster yet for this song! Gina

  11. I made this complete with graphics for the 2nd verse also. The kids loved it and learned it well! Now I'd like find a home for this awesome teaching aide/poster, so if you live in the Weber/Davis County areas of Utah, and you want it, send me an e-mail! kurzius@comcast.net