Thursday, February 25, 2010

February: week 4 (Test)

We have stake conference this week, so I get a week off! :)

However, this is what I had been planning on doing:

Have a table at the front of the room with an eraser, bean bag, or anything that can be easily grabbed.

Have two children come and stand at opposite ends of the table. Make sure they have their hands down by their sides.

Then read them a question from the song, (Example: How could the Father Tell the world of Love and Tenderness)

The kids then race to grab the object in the middle of the table, and have to recite the "answer" (He Sent His Son a New born babe, with peace and holiness) in it's entirety.

We are counseled NOT to have competitions in our primary, as this can often lead to hurt feelings, or focusing on "fairness". etc. BUT you could have a common goal for the entire primary. This could be as simple as bringing a cut-out car, drawing a line on the chalkboard with a destination at the end of the line. Then, every time a question is answered correctly, without any help, the car moves along the line to the destination. You could do the same thing with a picture of your primary trying to get to Heavenly Father, etc. Or filling a jar with marbles every time a question is answered. BE creative!

I always think that my primary will need these kinds of visual goals to motivate them, but most often, they are just enjoying playing the game, and don't need this.

I still might do this the first week of March, but I do feel like my kids know this song now, and It's probably time to move on.

Here's wishing you a successful primary Sunday!


  1. love this I think I will do children trying to get to the temple! thanks

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  3. thank you sooooooooooooo much for all these wonderful ideas it helps me so much to not be so nervous! thanks!

  4. I'm using this idea and going with an Olympics theme. I found a picture of a skier and will move the little guy down the mountain. In the end they will all get a gold medal. Thanks for your ideas.
    The only problem I've found is coming up with questions that are easy enough for the young ones and hard enough for the older ones.

  5. So excited I just found this blog. I love this. Great Ideas. Thanks.